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"Dance has various functions and meanings in society, but it can also serve as an end in itself, a way to pass the time, therapy or social interaction.

The various forms of dance, whether folkloric, historical or spiritual, have been able to inspire society for thousands of years and have thus written history. 

For me personally, dance is the poetry of movement. An instrument to touch and connect society again and again. An art form to which one can devote oneself with much passion. This passion in movement is mostly inspired by music and rhythm. 

Individual thoughts, feelings, desires and emotions are expressed through body language. A form of expression that inspires, liberates, inspires and brings much joy to a society.
Dance knows no language boundaries and can communicate everywhere without generating misunderstandings.

Dance has a great and exciting history and will continue to develop and take its place in society in many ways in the future."

- Francesca Genovese -
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