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"Having Francesca Genovese on board as part of the education and outreach department has been an absolute pleasure. Her abilities are outstanding. She has the most incredible talent for reaching people in their youth, middle age, and old age to foster their interest in the theatre and involving them in dance through different workshops and participatory practices. She has the power to touch people's hearts through her joy of dance which she complements with her profound studies of the subject.
Her expertise and talent will be of the utmost advantage to anybody who will employ her."

- Richard Wherlock, Ballet Director and Chief Choreographer of Ballet Theater Basel -

- Zürcher Hochschule der Künste -
“I loved the structure and enjoyed all the exercises, the session escalated from stretching to more intense movement and it provided me with inspiration, as well as improved my improvisation ability! Good job, keep going!”
- Student, Tanzhaus Zürich -

"Ms. Genovese takes her leadership role as a role model, but she also shows assertiveness and appropriate decision-making behavior. Her self and time management is extremely successful and Ms. Genovese also takes care of the administrative area without any problems."
- TUI Service AG -

Review / Devdas & Chokher Bali / Indian Classics Reimagined / Directed by Arpita Mukherjee / Hypokrit Theatre Company and Junoon Performing Arts

- Let's Talk Off Broadway -

"Francesca has met or exceeded the rigorous demands of the International Student Visa Program, and achieved excellence in accordance to her individual persuits in the field of dance and performance."
- Diane King, Executive Director BDC -

"Ms. Genovese is a pleasure to work with: her dedication, professionalism, passion, enthusiasm and good nature will make her an excellent professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer for any regional or professional dance company/school."
- Heidi Radeck, Artistic Director Artico e.V. -

"Francesca was involved in different dance productions and optained therefore stage practice, she converted her awarded dance rolls very well. Francesca was also pedagogic able to persuade in the fields of classical ballet and modern. She successfully led her entrusted classes."  
- Raymund Maurin, Artistic Director BFZ -
Francesca Genovese
Francesca Genovese
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