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I aspire to teach with new methodological and didactical ways of approaching dance because I love the idea of breaking through patterns to enable each dancer's maximum of artistic movement and performance.
I strive to create the perfect environment to learn and teach out of the most efficient. Creating new artistic process by researching, questioning and revisioning my own work, is building an innovative attitude for me and my fellow students. 
My teaching style is based on modern dance and more precise to the Limón Technique. I work with different basilar elements such as "Opposition", "Suspension" and "Gravity" of a wide range of movement boost. 
The first Element which is never missing in my principle of teaching is the "Opposition". Opposition is a way of using the entire body to create the feeling of length and stretch in a movement, without tensing or gripping the muscles. 
The "Suspension" is the next crucial element. A suspension is a prolonged height point. It is created at the peak of the movement by continuing it and delaying the takeover of gravity. 
Last but not least, the challenge of "Gravity". A fall is the complete release of the muscles as the body, giving in to gravity, drops.
Another indispensable approach of teaching is the musical accompaniment. Through the music I can make dancers aware on how musical accompaniment can influence the quality and dynamics of movement. I do believe there is a strong connection between dance and music. The groove that a certain instrument is creating should be understood as a creative process for researching movement. I am mostly working with percussion, guitar and piano understood as live music and well thought out composition. The versatility of such instruments is enormously enriching my teaching classes by creating the ideal foundation for movement, while they are consequently affecting the outcome of a choreological execution.
Michael Baumann - Musician
For people of any ages and genders:
- (Semi-)Professional Dancers
- Athletes
- Theaters
- Companies
- Institutions
- Academies
- Individuals
- Groups
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